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PhD Student, Public Policy, at IIT Bombay

Our lives in today's world are, on varying scales, enmeshed in digital spaces defined in ways and terms of algorithms. As a student of politics and policy, I explore affective polarization in online communities. My interest also leans towards the political economy of the internet, probing the complex interface between the internet, society, and politics.


Journal Article

  • Jaisal, E. K. (2020). The US, China and Huawei Debate on 5G Telecom Technology: Global Apprehensions and the Indian Scenario. Open Political Science, 3(1), 66-72.
Book Chapter

  • Jaisal, E. K. (2022). Data-Mining and Analytics: Rising Concerns over Privacy and People’s Security. In N. P. Chaubey & D. M. Diwakar (Eds.), Human Future in Digital Era (pp. 63–76). Indian Social Science Academy. ISBN: 978-8170973188 (Read Preprint; 42nd ISSC, 2018)


MA Political Science

Department of Political Science,
School of Social Sciences,
University of Hyderabad

BA Political Science

Department of Politics and
International Studies,
School of Social Sciences and
International Studies,
Pondicherry University

Teaching Assistantship

Online Learning Courses


Institute of Palliative

Kozhikode, Kerala

16 May–24 June 2017

District Collector's
Internship Programme

Kozhikode, Kerala

15 May–30 June 2016